Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cirque Cypress


Today I want to show you a gorgeous polish from Cirque. This is the second polish I've tried from Cirque, and based on swatches I've seen and my personal experiences, it's an amazing brand! The first polish I tried was an incredible holographic glitter topper that you can see here. This next one, Cypress, is equally as amazing and equally as unique. Click on the "read more" link below to see more pictures and a review!

Cypress and XX were released together in Cirque's Objet d'Art collection from last fall. Cypress is a really unique, almost metallic shade. It's like if rose gold and a penny were to fall in love and have a baby, it would turn out looking something Cypress. It's not really a nude, it's not quite copper, and it's not quite rose gold - it's different. And the holo... it's amazing! In the light there's so much holo sparkliness, this is one of those stare-at-your-nails kind of polishes. The formula was amazing as well! It was a little sheer, but it applied really perfectly and smoothly, and it only took 3 easy coats to get a great opaque finish.

So here's Cypress, 3 coats, not topcoat. I took a lot of pics to try to capture it's many dimensions.

So what do you guys think of Cypress? Have you tried any Cirque polishes? There are so many others that have been on my list for a while!

You can check out Cirque polishes on their website www.cirquecolors.comMost polishes, retail for $13, but most of the holographic polishes retail for $15. Definitely worth it in my opinion, even though the price is on the steeper side.



  1. So pretty!!! Love holographic polishes :D

    1. Thanks! =) It is a really nice and different polish. And I feel ya on that one... I can't get enough holos!! h

  2. A bit pale for my likening ;) but still a gorgeous polish! Love those rainbows!! :D

    1. It is kind of pale, but it's a little more coppier-y in person than I was able to capture in photos.


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