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Welcome to Polished Prescription! 

This blog started out as a fun collaboration between two best friends who are addicted to all things polish.  Our friendship began many years ago in 6th grade, and our friendship has only grown stronger since then.  We have both always had the dream of becoming physicians, and many years of hard work have led us to where we are now; I am now a first year medical student, while Lily is on her way to receiving a Masters in Global Medicine.  Amidst the stresses of pre-med courses, we would often polish our nails together as a way to relax and temporarily forget about biology or chemistry.  Now that we have moved on to our respective graduate programs, we still find time to do our nails together amongst the medical madness.  Doing our nails and coming up with creative nail art ideas provides us with an outlet to express ourselves in a creative way, and neither of us can live without it!

We decided to start this blog together as a way to share our obsession with others who have the same interest and to connect with other nail addicts.  I have obsessively been perusing nail blogs for quite a while now, and decided that it was time to start my own blog, and I asked Lily to join me.

Unfortunately, Lily is no longer working on the blog with me due to time constraints from school and work (she does both... crazy girl!), but that doesn't mean she doesn't send me pictures of her nails on a weekly basis!

I really hope that you enjoy my blog, and if you have any questions or would just like to connect, feel free to email me at polishedprescription@gmail.com.

Also, comments are always very loved and appreciated. =)


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