Friday, September 20, 2013

OPI Mod About You

Hey guys!

Happy Friday! =D I hope everyone is as stoked for the weekend as I am! I'm seeing Thievery Corporation tonight, which I'm stoked about, and it's my dear friend's birthday, so we're going to go all out all weekend! Not necessarily relaxing, but definitely lots and lots of fun.

Anyways, today I have another one of my beloved OPIs to show you. As much as I love indies, I've recently been reminded why OPI used to be my favorite. They make such pretty and bold shades with great formulas, and I love the wider brush because I have big nails. 

Today I'm showing you Mod About You, a stark, cool-toned, baby pink that's really delicate and light (looks nearly white in the bottle) yet pretty vibrant once on the nail. This polish makes me feel girly without being all dainty. I think it's kind of a sexy color really... not sure why but at least that's how it makes me feel.. haha! Mod About You is much more opaque than you would expect it to be. I used 3 coats to smooth everything out, although two probably would have been just fine, especially if you have shorter nails. Even though it took 3 coats, they were 3 very very easy coats - this polish applies pretty opaquely and evenly from the get-go. I didn't use top coat for these photos to show you how glossy it is on its own! Yee!


I know a lot of bloggers aren't too into pinks when it comes to polish, including me. But when I find a pink that makes me happy, I *love* it. And this is one of those polishes. I truly truly love wearing it and looking at it, and I can't believe I hadn't worn it in over a year! Blasphemy! I'm glad I rediscovered this and Red Lights Ahead... Where?, because these are two seriously amazing polishes. Way to go, OPI!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have an amazing weekend =D


  1. This is such a gorgeous color! You're right, it is kind of sexy in a way!

  2. Hi Kelsey! This is a really pretty pink! I get a sort of 60's feeling from it :) Great to see! xx

    1. I get a 60s vibe as well! Which makes the name perfect =D

  3. Don't you just love polishes that have a sheen all on their own? I love the ones that don't need a top coat to show the shine. Mod About You is such a pretty pink! I wonder if it's close to Pink Friday?

    1. I really do! It's so pretty and glossy all on its own, which is always amazing. I think Pink Friday may be brighter and more saturated

  4. Mod about you is by far my favorite pink of all time. It's the perfect softness .


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