Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Miranda - Swatch and Review


Today I'm really excited to show you one of Zoya's new PixieDust polishes that was just released for Summer 2013 - Miranda. I'm sure most of you (if not all) know about the big textured trend that's going on in the polish world right now, and I must say, at first I was skeptical.  But once I tried Nyx and Godiva from Zoya's original PixieDust collection, I was sold on the whole textured thing. I think the texture is really fun and makes the polish look interesting and different. Definitely doesn't look like any ordinary creme or shimmer! What I love about the PixieDusts is the large amount of glitter packed into them - the texture and glitter together make for some stand-out polishes, which I always love, especially now that we're getting into some warmer weather!

My problem with the original PixieDusts were the colors. I think they fell a little flat, at least for me, since I don't usually wear too many greys or muted colors. I ended up with Nyx and Godiva, and while I really liked them both, I'm way more stoked for the fun and bright colors that we're seeing in the Summer collection. You can see my original post of Nyx here for information about removal and my thoughts on the texture.

Read after the jump to see more pictures and a review of Miranda!

I'm not sure why I was so drawn to Miranda from the promo images, since I'm not usually the biggest fan of pink polishes. I think it was the slightly different shade of pink that intrigued me - Miranda isn't your typical girly Barbie pink, although this polish easily could have swung that way with the glitter. Instead, it's a really beautiful, saturated raspberry/rose shade that's packed with silver and pink glitter - I love that Zoya decided to add some pink glitter in here to give it added dimension. And the glitter really sparkles in the light - I couldn't stop staring at my nails while I was outside all weekend! I love that Miranda is bright, but not too in-your-face. It's really feminine and flirty, and I think it'll go great with pretty much all skin tones!

The formula was very easy to work with as well. My only problem with Miranda is that she took a little bit long to dry, but not unexpectedly long. Zoya recommends waiting for each coat to dry completely before adding the next, and it took about 10 minutes for each coat to fully dry. I remember the original PixieDusts dried a little bit faster and turned matte more quickly. But it's okay... I'm not trippin about it. You just need a little patience and some time to kill where you don't need your fingers/nails. I bumped a nail 30 minutes after applying the last coat, and it made a dent. So it does take a while for these to completely dry.

I took loads of pictures of Miranda because I really wanted to capture the texture, sparkle, and color. So without further adieu, here's Miranda in all her juicy raspberry glory.

All photos show three thin coats, although 2 would have been fine if I had used thicker coats. But since the PixieDusts take a little while to dry, I felt that thinner coats were the way to go.

Bottle shots.  L: sunlight. Middle: sunlight, to show sparkle, R: shade.


Indoors, natural light.
So what do you think of Miranda? Do you like the textured polish trend? And have you tried any of the other summer Pixies? Which ones are your favorites?

I originally only ordered Miranda and Liberty in an attempt to be "good," but I couldn't resist also ordering Solange, Beatrix, and Destiny. I'm currently wearing Liberty on my toes and I LOVE it! It's perfect for summer. I can't wait to try the rest and hopefully do some fun gradients.

I hope everyone has a beautiful day, and, as always, thank you SO much for stopping by. 


  1. Replies
    1. It really is! I can't wait to try the rest of the summer Pixies! =)

  2. I love all of these shades! As I swatched & reviewed....I fell into them even more! SO many great Zoya shades this summer!

    1. Ugh I know! They're all so beautiful, fun, and different. I really tried to hold off and only get two, but once I saw them, I knew I had to have more! lol typical...


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